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February 01 , 2023 - Dr. Preeti Jiyal

TRIPHALA  is the most commonly used herbal combination by one & all. It is a magically potent  & powerful RASAYANA  with incomparable qualities rendering us the gift of health.

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Swarn Prashan

February 11 , 2023 - Dr. Rajeev

Swarn Prashan is an Ayurvedic technique to enhance immunity and improve the intelligence of children. Swarn Prashan is an ancient health tonic for children. The purpose of Swarn Prashan is same as of modern vaccination to prevent diseases by building immunity against bacteria and viruses. 



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Swarn Shilajit

December 25 , 2022 - Dr. Rajeev



blessing of Ayurveda, it increases your power, stamina and libido & help in erectile dysfunction.  SWARN SHILAJIT is formulated with an exotic herb and made with the ayurvedic procedure. This product is made of extracts from selected Shilajit.

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