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Swarn Rechak Vati

₹ 390

Swarn Rechak Vati

स्वर्ण रेचक वटी

Rechak vati is an Ayurvedic Medicine which work as a non-habitual laxative agent to clean and detoxify the conch of your body that is colon. The ingredients used in this medicine are very rarely used now a day because of its availability and cost but we make it according to our ancient text. Rechak vati is a Pitta and Vatta balancer which reduces the extra pitta and vatta from your body and also helps in acidity. Rechak vati can be used every day till the problem persist or can be used for alternative days too. One can use it for 30 days on regular basis then have to take a break of at least 15 days.

Net Content –  30 tablets


Direction For Use

Dose – 1-2 tab at night with water